The Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (ENCC) and USAID’s Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement (WISE) project issued a study entitled; “Labor Skills, Productivity, and Human Resources Management,” that aimed at evaluating the efficiency of the Egyptian labor market and the ability of related institutions to formulate and implement policies to achieve the objectives of economic growth, competitiveness, and development-planning in an equitable manner by matching labor market needs with the technical skills of Egyptian labor in sectors capable of supporting the Egyptian economy.

 The issues of youth employment, female participation in the labor market, the quality of technical education, vocational training, and informality were at the top of the challenges identified by the study. To tackle these challenges, the study produced a rich set of conclusions and recommendations on developing and empowering Egyptian workers. In addition, the results showed the importance of factors related to the business climate and governing policies to raising the efficiency of the Egyptian labor market.
We invite proposals for position papers that would address some of the recommendations which came out of the “Labor Skills, Productivity and Human Resources Management” study. These position papers would also provide the basis for the evidence-based policy advocacy approach that ENCC will pursue in advocating for these issues. The required positions will tackle the three following issues:
• Female Participation in the Labor Market,
• Technical education system,
• Measures to Increase Formal Employment
Please contact us on the below email if interested in drafting any of the position papers.

 TOR of Informal Sector paper
 TOR of Female participation paper
 TOR of Education System Paper